DWSD PC-755, Oakwood CSO Control Facility & Pump Station

In 2007, DWSD awarded L. D’Agostini & Sons, Inc. the largest project in L. D’Agostini & Sons, Inc.’s history, requiring its surety to supply a nearly $160MM performance and payment bond, which firmly demonstrated its confidence in L. D’Agostini & Sons, Inc. The Oakwood CSO Control Facility & Pump Station Project was a massive undertaking that required the thoughtful and diligent coordination of dozens of contractors and suppliers. The Project included the construction of a new combination storm and sanitary pump station including 12 storm and sanitary pumps that could move 866,000 gallons of water per minute, chemical facilities for disinfection, screening facilities for solids removal, and support facilities including a chemical feed facility, screen facility, and odor control building and a CSO basin with a 900M gallon storage capacity.